Feels like Old Times

Went to bed at 11:30 after reading 10 pages of _Gravity's Rainbow_. Did I tell you that Monstro and I are reading Pynchon's epic this summer? Third time for him, first time for me. So far, it's funny, though the alliteration is a bit strong for my taste. But I like the songs, and want to set them all to 'ukulele. We'll see. Anyway, asleep at 11:30, awake at 2:00 when Monstro got home, sans keys, from Warhammer, awake again at 3:40, with baby screaming bloody murder, and awake again at 6:20, when baby was awake for good. This is some tough stuff, especially considering baby's been sleeping through the night for months now. Ugh. Is it naptime yet???

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