Project Runway Baby

Our little guy is a baby model! Our downstairs neighbor designs baby shirts and gave one to our baby when she moved in. He wore it to a luau when we were on Maui and I e-mailed the picture to Jen. She's used it for marketing postcards! So today was the start of the Northampton Sidewalk Sales and I dressed baby in Jen's shirt and took him downtown, where I roamed up and down Main Street, baby in one arm, baby's postcards in the other. We got a lot of double-takes from people trying to determine whether the real-life baby was the one in the postcard (he's two months older now and has more hair). It was great fun, and baby LOVED the attention. Yeah, like he doesn't get enough of that at home. There are three more days to the sidewalk sale and we might do it again if it's not too crowded. Good times!!! And the shirts are adorable. You should buy one for your favorite baby. Right after you buy yourself a Rhythmball set! 🙂

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