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The last time I was in labor, I played only one CD: Haiku by Dionysis, a French alternative band. I'd like to spare Monstro that trauma this time (he's not as into French alternative rock as you might think). So, how about some suggestions for a labor-room hospital mix?

In other news, I'm at 36.5 weeks and people keep telling me that this is when *they* had *their* babies. Grrreat.

3 thoughts on “music suggestions

  1. I love how you blame that on me. Like, I was sitting there complaining about the music. Honey, you didn't like the music. You pretty much were against all forms of stimuli, but you didn't like the music in partiuclar. I'm not sure it had to do with the whole Haiku thing. Could have been anything. I think you brought it at the suggestion of a friend.
    In any case, I will be fine with whatever you feel will help you. If you want to listen to Erasure, Creed, and/or any Emo you can lay your hands on, feel free. I do not like this music but I will probably be busy with other things. Like last time, my job will consist of yelling at doctors and telling the midwives to stop with the hippy dippy and get to their jobs.
    In other news, at the birth of my last child, I read Catch 22 and pissed off the entire hospital staff.

  2. Sweetheart, I blame you for nothing. And I thank you for all the yelling you did on my behalf, as my yelling wasn't getting through to anyone. I have called out the bonehead anesthesiologist by name in my birth plan this time and here's hoping the labor is so fucking quick it won't matter a whit.

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