Not all Beijing stories are bad…

China certainly has its share of negative issues (don't we all), but there are some good things there, too. I speak especially of the Welfare Plastic Products Company in Beijing, which manufactures Rhythmball equipment.

This company is actually a government-sponsored sheltered workshop. More than fifty percent of its employees, including the director, has a physical disability. The government sponsors the workshop as a sheltered place where the differently abled can work safely and effectively.

Plus, their product is fantastic. It's widely considered the best supplier of Rhythmball / taiji Bailong ball equipment in the nation. That's why we import only from them.

Oh, and you did know that Rhythmball was developed by the renowned Chinese Olympic boxing coach, Bai Rong, right? Of course you did. 🙂

There, two good things about Beijing, a whole three days before the Olympics begin!

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