Massholes part 372

Yeah, I still hate it here. More today than even my usual level of hatred, which falls somewhere between incendiary and global meltdown. Here's what happened half an hour ago…

I was driving home with the boys on the street that connects the main drag with my street. It's a narrow road, and full of potholes, yet that didn't stop some jerk-off from parking his black Bronco near the curb.

As I was preparing to go around the parked Bronco, imagine my surprise when it pulled out in front of me. All of its windows were tinted so I didn't even know someone was inside, and of course they didn't have on any lights or even use a turn indicator.

At this point in my story, you need to know that my New Year's Resolution was to take Monstro's advice and yell at the people who need yellin' at. I did the vehicular version: I laid on the horn, long and loud.

Imagine my surprise when 1) the Bronco slammed on its brakes and 2) the driver got out of his car and 3) it was a cop.

Effing A. This can't be good.

So the cop, an older model, walks up to my van and I roll down my window, reasonably certain that he's not going to kick the shit out of me, but not certain of that, because lots of people get beaten up by the cops in Western Massachusetts.

“You have no business passing me here,” he said in a loud, angry voice.

“Your windows are tinted, your lights weren't on, you didn't use your blinker,” I said in a voice that wasn't quite as loud but matched his for anger. “I didn't even know you were in the car until you pulled out in front of me.

“It's a 30 mph zone here,” he said.

“I know that!” I said.

“You shouldn't pass anyone,” he said.

“You didn't use your blinker!” I said.

“Stay behind me,” he commanded.

Then he got back in his car and started driving. I waited until he was about 30 feet ahead of me until I started to drive, but at that point, he had stopped. I wondered what the hell he was going to do now, but it turns out he was just going to turn into the copy shop. He turned on his blinker this time, but then realized he couldn't pull in to the driveway because a person with a cane was in the way, so he pulled ahead to the next driveway and pulled in there.

“That made me angry,” my four-year-old said from the backseat.

“Me too,” I said. “It makes me angry when the people who are supposed to enforce the laws can't be bothered to follow them.”

One thought on “Massholes part 372

  1. I love this story, not because it's shitty luck for you, but because that is EXACTLY what it's like to live here. Sorry you had an asshole cop; that's basically the only variety they come in around these parts.

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