I bet it hit 90 today

Today was HOT for May first. I'm pretty sure while BK and I were on our run that quickly turned into a walk, it was 90 degrees on the bike path. We got to the herbalist's, found out she won't have any homemade pure castile soap for three weeks, and then we trudged home. At least BK got a cookie and half a cup of water rubbed into his hair. I also swam half a mile while Lex had his last swim lesson for this session — and that's half a mile *without* pushing off from any of the walls in any way, to simulate a more open-water feel.

I wouldn't say I'm anywhere near having my size-fours fall off my butt (Fringes, you kill me), but it would be nice to shop in a regular store. I'll get there. Haven't been eating a whole lot this week (hi Kyle!) but it's OK, I'm being healthy. Is it wrong to admit that re-reading “The Best Little Girl in the World” kick-started my diet a little teensy bit? Yeah, nevermind.

3 thoughts on “I bet it hit 90 today

  1. I'm not gonna backtrack to find out why in the world we are visiting an herbalist for baby soap. For a second, I thought I was over at Shaken Mama's blog.
    I am wearing a summer dress today that I've been unable to fit for more than three years. I would not advise my weight loss method that involves a lot of trying to keep the lights on, keeping my car from being “recovered” and being glad the apartment door key still works. Under stress, I simply do not eat well.
    Thanks for the compliment on my blog today! *mwah*

  2. The herbalist, she makes good soap. Monstro calls her the witch doctor. We bought soap instead at CVS. Also, you deserve EVERY compliment. I think the universe, with its Little League Nationals game over the world's-hardest-camp-to-get-to. Yeah, there's a reason why most people move to Susanville.

  3. “world's-hardest-camp-to-get-to,” is trying to tell you the same thing. Sorry, I'm commenting while listening to “Good Day Big Bear” and it's a little distracting at 10:15 at night.

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